Overview charts for Garmin Health Data

  • Rest Heart Rate
  • AVG Stress Level
  • Sleep Stages
  • Body Batterie



SportZones does calculate PWC150 (Physical Working Capacity at heart rate 130, 140 or 150) for your bike and running exercises.

Requirement for bike data: heart rate, speed, altitude, and cadence recording. Requirement for running date: heart rate and speed recording.

PWC150 does show your performance level and is correlated to your VO2max. It can give important information about your trainings progress.

SportZones SmartPowerMeter © does calculate bike power for your bike recordings (requires: speed, altitude and cadence recordings)


Continues scrolling calendar with week summaries and daily details


iPhone Landscape Zoom

With the timeline zoom for iPhone you have detailed track data from previous training’s outside on road

Swim Training




Full screen user defined reports


  • Easy to use
  • Define your reports with gestures
  • Save reports
  • Heart rate zones or sport performance zones (speedZones, powerZones) view
  • Health data (rest heart rate, sleep, etc.)


Swim data for Garmin / Polar

with Auto Correct Function


  • Total Duration, Distance, Energy Consumption and Lengths
  • Sum and AVG for Strokes, Swoft and Speed/Pace
  • Continuous histograms for Pace, Strokes and Swoft
  • Bar chart graph with information for laps: Count, Duration, Strokes, Speed/pace and Swoft 


Data Backup

Save the complete trainings data to Apple Cloud Drive

Import any other SportZones backup from your Apple Cloud Drive

Makes it easy to exchange your trainings data with others



Advanced compare for different time frames

Additional metrics:

  • Averages over time
  • Zone averages
  • Total sums


PowerForce Zones